Our Ice Cream

Our ice cream is made with a total commitment to quality and a genuine love for what we do.

Whilst there are many products on the UK market calling themselves ice cream, not many are the genuine article. The ice cream that we produce here at Stewart Tower is made to an italian gelato-style recipe. The UK market is currently predominantly supplied with ‘hard’ American-style ice cream which tend to have a high vegetableshop-front oil content and are not as light nor as creamy in texture as gelato-style ice cream that we make.

The creaminess of the ice cream we produce is a direct result of the speed with which the product is frozen. When a product is frozen quickly the ice crystals produced are much smaller, the size of these ice crystals influences how ‘grainy’ the texture of the ice cream feels on your tongue. By producing our ice cream in specialist Italian batch freezers we are able to minimise the size of the ice crystals resulting in a smooth and creamy texture.