The Farm

image-10Our Cows are the backbone of our operation here at Stewart Tower. Without their fresh milk we would not have the key ingredient we need to make our ice cream. All the cows at Stewart Tower are Holstein Friesians – the majority of which are black and white.

Ideally a cow will calve once a year, when a cow calves they will begin to produce milk for approximately 10 months. After 10 months of milking our cows take a 2 month holiday before beginning of the whole process again.

Our cows are milked twice daily and are currently averaging around 9000 litres per cow annually. To produce this amount of milk the cows have to eat large volumes of food and water on a daily basis. The majority of the operations on the farm involve producing and preserving feed for the cows for during the colder winter months.

Our Cows go out to grass in early May time – only returning inside twice a day for milking and extra feeding, the rest of the time they are free to roam the luscious grass fields of Stewart Tower Farm. When the weather begins to cool around mid to late October time and the grass starts to grow at a slower rate we house our Cows inside as they prefer this. During this time they are fed a mixed diet of conserved grass, wheat and barley all of which is grown on the farm during the spring and summer months. The straw produced when growing wheat and barley is also used as bedding for the Cows to lie on in the sheds during their time indoors during the colder autumn and winter months.